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Healthcare Research

MedApp: Social Initiative undertaken by RDPL in the field of Healthcare

Royal Datamatics Private Limited (RDPL) launched the MedApp project in order to facilitate the study on Timeliness of Immunization. Sponsored by Johns Hopkins University, the Timeliness of Immunization and Compliance Assessment Study (TICA) is co-collaborated by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bal Umang Drishya Sanstha (BUDS), India and St. Louis University

RDPL is the provider of the technology platform to conduct a digital study on immunization trends in rural areas of low and middle-income countries. The focus of the study is to perform behavioral analysis of residents in the targeted area.

As per research, poor follow-up and compliance are found to be the main reasons behind the drastic decline in immunizations. Some of the factors like maintaining immunization records linked to the positive identification of the individual child, incentivizing follow-up and return immunizations and efficiently identifying and targeting non-compliant subjects pose as major challenges in the targeted community.

The objective of this study is to overcome these challenges, owing to the wide penetration of mobile phones and network connectivity in the developing world.

In this proposal, investigators will evaluate a novel software platform, utilizing biometric identification and of subjects, paired with intelligent and subject-aware, mobile-phone reminders and compliance-linked incentives to improve uptake and coverage of primary vaccinations in young children.

This study has greatly enhanced the timeliness of immunization and has generated awareness about the significance of vaccination in the low-income group. RDPL strongly believes in technology and the impact it can have on the betterment of society as a whole. We are committed to contribute and support such foundations by all means.

Click on the below link to know more- https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03428776?cond=vaccination&cntry=IN&draw=2&rank=1